Commercial Sync Licensing Music

At MASTR Productions, we specialize in crafting unique, high-quality music tailored for film, television, and commercial projects. Every track you find here is created in our in-house studio, ensuring originality and exclusivity. We have worked closely with rising internet sensation, RudyWade to provide not just instrumentals tracks, but full songs with vocals and industry-level mixing and mastering. This catalog focuses on rock, indie, and pop tracks mainly focused around guitar and vocals.

Browse our diverse portfolio, containing full songs which we have stemmed out to meet sync licensing standards. Ideally, these songs would be used in film, television, video games, or advertisements. We have clean versions, instrumental versions, acapella, etc. This is our 100% original music.

Once you have found a track that fits your criteria, simply contact us via your preferred method at the bottom of this page!

RudyWade x MASTR Prod
I'm Sorry
Stressed Out
The Same Old Story
Is Forever Enough
Born to be Wild
I Need You
One Shot

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