Chapter 1 – Secrets of the DAW

If you’re on the fence about committing to your love of music, I’d like to give you Chapter 1 of Secrets of the DAW! It’s a little something to get your brain chewing on what the book discusses. I’m giving you the first chapter absolutely FREE because I want you to see that this isn’t like any other mixing book or YouTube video you’ve ever come across! There’s some goodies in here for complete novice musicians and intermediate musicians alike.

Secrets of the DAW is not a textbook. It’s not a template. It’s an immersive, thoughtful, and valuable guide to getting the most out of your music. If you’re at the stage of production where you want the world to hear your music, but deep inside, you’re not sure if your music is up to professional quality, you must dive into this book immediately. The benefits of jumping into someone else’s mix-mind are innumerable. Not only do you pick up on the tips and tricks they use, but you’re able to observe the person’s thought processes as well. I made sure not to hold back on injecting my own personal biases, opinions, lessons, and anecdotes into the book, and I made sure to include plenty of screenshots.

Chapter 1 goes over the basics of starting and organizing a project in the DAW, and also some general mixing tips (like gain staging), but also goes more in-depth into the less-musical side of music, like what we at MASTR call the two pillars of music: intention and change. In order to create something beautiful and artistic, it’s always imperative that we keep these two ideals in mind as we sculpt the project, whether it’s on the scale of single songs, or as an album.

You’ve got nothing to lose, and high-income skill refining knowledge to gain. Take the first step towards shockingly great mixes by downloading Chapter 1 of Secrets of the DAW now!



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