I truly believe that anyone and everyone is capable of making great music. In my decades of experience in the field, I have found this to be the case both with live music and music in the digital environment. What separates complete noobs from the “virtuoso” players is oftentimes the right influences.

  • Are your mixes not stacking up to the pros?
  • Do you feel disappointed with your mixes when they hit the speakers?
  • Do your tracks sound great one day, and then un-listenable the next day?
  • Have you been struggling to fight beat-block?
  • Do you want the cheat codes to making amazing songs every time you step in to work with your DAW?

The team at MASTR Productions has gone ahead and boiled down years and years of learning, live performance experience, years of in-studio mixing, and the lessons learned from making lots and lots of mistakes, and we’ve synthesized all that knowledge and experience into this one ultimate guide. It’s a thick, gold-mine of a read, rich with personal stories, full of takeaways not only about music, but about life in general! You see, so much of making great music is about mindset, especially in the world of digital production.

Have a peek inside! We’re so confident you’ll find this book entertaining and valuable, that we’re giving away the first chapter for free.

Download Chapter I of Secrets of the DAW right now!

Mixing can be one of the most frustrating processes for producers. For years, it felt like I was just adding plugins that everyone else was using, but my mixes were getting worse!


I tried everything, buying fancy EQ plugins, testing different compressors, I even tried copying the settings of A-List engineers hoping that it would magically make my mix sound better. It didn’t. Sound familiar? 


My mixes didn’t sound like the pros until someone wayyyy farther ahead of me in music started talking about mixing as a mindset. Sure, mixing requires a lot of technical knowledge, which we aren’t shy about sharing. Sure, you need to know how to deal with phase in a mix and balance levels properly.


But making music is so much deeper than turning knobs, it’s so much more than the price of your equipment (spoiler alert: it doesn’t need to be very expensive). Music boils down to a feeling. Do you know how to tap into that feeling and create mixes that work every single time? 


It’s not as difficult as it sounds…

If you’re ready to graduate past YouTube videos and pointless blog articles that are glorified plugin manuals, Secrets of the DAW might be for you. I have a goal to help one million producers get better at their craft, but I only want to help the producers that are serious. The producers that work at their craft every day, and are always looking for a way to get ahead of everyone else around them. The people who go to bed every night dreaming about music and how they can improve their sound.


Are you ready to take the leap?