Secrets of the DAW

The team at MASTR Productions has put together the Holy Grail of Digital Music Production information.

Secrets of the DAW is a comprehensive 95-page eBook containing essentially everything we wish we had at our disposal from Day 1. That’s why we wrote it!

This book starts assuming that you know nothing about music theory or working in a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

Go from ground zero to mastering your own track (including vocals!)

Learn how to use Antares Autotune, how to correctly apply Compression & EQ, how to apply audio effects, and just about everything else you can think of related to mixing and mastering a track.

You can use any plugins you want to follow along – even stock plugins! You don’t have to have Ableton, Pro Tools, or any third-party plugins to reap the benefits of this book.

Check out some sample pages of the book below or check out some MASTR Mixes!!

When I first started mixing and composing music in the digital environment, I was lost. I had no idea what compression or EQ was, nevermind how to use them in effective ways. I didn’t have anyone to help me on my journey towards mixing better tracks.

Through networking, going to studios, working with various artists, learning from YouTube videos and applying them in my DAW to see what actually worked, I was able to get better and better mixes.

Looking back, I wish I had a tutor, or some kind of guide to all this!

That’s why Secrets of the DAW was written. I want to help YOU get ahead. I want you to know about recording technique, mic selection, different types of compressors, analog color, and of course MASTERING your tracks!

Take a peek at some excerpts from the eBook – there’s plenty of screenshots, everything is organized, and every bit of advice comes with a use-case scenario, or an anecdote about how I used it in past mixes!

Check out some MASTR Mixes!

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