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Secrets of The DAW: A Personal Workshop for Audio Success

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Does Your Music Stack Up to The Pros?

I want to let you in on a secret, and it's one of the most valuable things that I've learned over the past
two decades of making music.

The secret isn't some special plugin or VST that magically makes hit records. No, the secret is that everyone is capable of making great music. But this secret comes with a dirty truth -- not everyone does make great music.

What separates the complete newbies from the "virtuoso" players is often the influences and thought patterns that they allow into their life

Look, Alex Rodriguez didn't become one of the best baseball players overnight.
He didn't come out of the womb ready to knock 95MPH fastballs out of the park.

Instead, he improved his craft by training with top level coaches and competing against top level players. Day by day, he got better at his craft until he became known as one of the greats.

Surrounding himself with positive influences who forced him to evaluate his actions and improve himself forced A-Rod to become a better baseball player.

If you want to get better at making music, then you have to train like A-Rod!


MASTR Mixes are taking over the game right now.

Our mixes are topping Spotify charts, rivaling The Weeknd, and bringing together collaborations from all over the world! From Los Angeles, to New York, all the way to Armenia, MASTR is leaving its mark.

Just check out a handful of the artists we've worked with just this past year!

Boston, MA
Michael Christmas
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Salem, MA
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Justin The Artist
New York, NY
United Kingdom
Garik Hambaryan
Yerevan, Armenia
Boston, MA
Donnie Coupe
Brooklyn, NY

Here's Just A Portion Of What You'll Learn

Are you disappointed with your music when you hear it come out of the speakers?

I've been there.

For years, it felt like I was just adding plugins that everyone else was using,
but my mixes were getting worse!

I tried everything, buying fancy EQ plugins, testing different compressors, I even tried copying the settings of A-List engineers hoping that it would magically make my mix sound better.

It didn't.

Sound familiar? 

It's not because you're a failure, or you just "don't have the talent".

That's complete B.S.

If you have the drive to learn a DAW and start making music, no matter how "good" or "bad" you are, then you have the drive to improve and become an absolute MASTR who never runs out of music to proudly show off.

My brother and I started MASTR seven years ago. Before that, we were touring musicians, bouncing around New England and honing our skills. We got degrees in music, and have obsessed over just about ever genre of music that's ever been invented, from the performance side, and the mixing side.

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Take it from us: it's not your gear, your job, your money, or your computer that's holding you back. It boils down to your mixes and your education.

In hindsight, it seems SO obvious why my music wasn't "major league". And no, it didn't have anything to do with my plugins, my VSTs or my gear. The quality of my music boiled down to how well I could transmute a FEELING into a song. Easier said than done.

Making Music With A New Mindset

When I started to work with bigger artists and people who had been making music for decades, I started to realize something about their workflow.

They didn't have some magical template that they dragged sounds into.

They didn't have a pre-saved drum kit that always matches the song.

That's just not what the top musicians focus on.

What they DO focus on, is the feeling, the unique energy that lives within every great song.

What Makes This Book Different?

The concept of transmuting a feeling was at the front of my mind over the 6 month writing process for Secrets of the DAW. I've read plenty of audio production books in the past, and none of them got much further than explaining basic EQ and compression knowledge. Sure, I might have picked up a tip or two here and there, but nothing really changed about the way I made music.

If anything, it got me more frustrated because I was copying settings and my stuff still didn't sound the way that I wanted it to.

My intention with this book was not to make another one of these typical books.

So...if you're ready...and if you'll allow me...I'd like to introduce you to my magnum opus.

Why You Want This Book


Commit yourself to finishing the book.

Commit yourself to becoming a better musician, a better artist that demands the respect from his or her peers.

Commit to taking action on the advice that we lay out for you, step by step, in the book.

I set out to make something that, after reading it cover to cover, COMPLETELY revolutionizes our musical world. It's not just some hype-up book that gets you excited to buy new plugins, or something for you to kill time with in between sessions or on your lunch break.

This is Secrets of the DAW.

Here's What Just A Few Of Our Readers Are Saying About Secrets of The DAW


Justin The Artist
Thank you bro thank you for all your help man.

I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for you. I'll never forget what you've done for me.
Newly Self Produced Rapper

Are you settling for mediocre results? Or do you want to exceed your potential?

Look, I’m not usually one to get sappy. But the release of this book is a big deal for me, and it’s something that I’ve put a lot of time and energy into. 

I know the goal is a little ambitious, but I want to help out 1,000,000 audio engineers. Whether that comes from the detailed knowledge in Secrets of The DAW or the quick tips from my Instagram page, I’m obsessed with making new connections.

To celebrate the launch of Secrets of The DAW, I’m offering collaborations with the first 100 people to buy the book. That means if you’re a beat maker, we’ll collab on an instrumental and sell it together.

If you’re a mixing/mastering engineer, I’ll help you take one of your best songs to the next level.

And if you’re an artist. I’ll work one on one with you. So what do you say — are you ready to join the team? 

To better music, and happier ears.
Jon Linger
Lead Visionary