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"Secret" - CaSiMiR

CaSiMiR has been affiliated with MASTR Productions before I even knew I wanted to turn the studio operation into something so epic. I met him in my first little studio, on a night that I was taking some new clients and meeting a bunch of new people. The new clients ended up being either intoxicated, or in a flurry of some life events that made the studio session extremely awkward, but also hilariously entertaining.

“You don’t understand, he’s got bread, he can get us anything for the studio. Name it, whatever equipment, he’ll get it for us. Now can I tell the backstory?” This character would go in and out of the studio room, always on the phone frantically talking to an unknown person on the line about some dire-sounding circumstances.

We were in the middle of a studio session for one of this guy’s clients, and he was interrupting his own session to tell a long story about… God knows what. But it was intriguing, and there was promise of professional-level legendary equipment that would take our small operation to the next level.

Long story short, in a room full of strangers, somehow I knew that CaSiMiR (at the time, called “JustJovan”) was the most coherent, rational person. We eventually heard the story out, and just like anyone would expect, most of the promise of the story that was told ended up being fluff. Not all of it, actually everyone in that room is someone I still talk to this day. But over the years, that has proved to be one of the most hilarious, memorable nights in the studio.

CaSiMiR has proved to be one of the most creative artists in the area, not only with his music and beat selection, but also with his visuals! Genty Provisions has done it again with another motion picture masterpiece, this one involving an eerie story, and a decapitated Ca$imir head singing on the ground.

I know firsthand the bangers that CaSiMiR has in the vault. They’re all creative, professional and well thought-out. Not only are the lyrics unique and true-to-CaSiMiR, but the beats are also well-curated, and the performances on the mic are truly a window to his soul.

CaSiMiR is a perfectionist in the studio – if a take doesn’t sound the way it needs to, he’s not afraid to do it a hundred times until it’s exactly the way he wants. Rest assured that the content he chooses to drop is the vision he’s created.

One of the best ways to support local artists is to follow and engage on social media! Do yourself a solid and connect with the now-internet-famous CaSiMiR.

Instagram: @casimir_98

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