RudyWade Biography

rudywade and stellar on set with the model for the music video moving on in sunny California

RudyWade creates his own original music from the comfort of his home studio in Los Angeles, California. An extremely versatile artist, RudyWade explores various genres including Alternative Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, and more. His career began to pick up with the release of his single Trapped in a Dream. Since then, he has released his debut album, Love is a Lie, as well as a handful of other singles that are available on all platforms.

Some of RudyWade’s influences include artists such as Oliver Tree and Imagine Dragons. Oftentimes he is compared to Post Malone, which again alludes to his versatility of genres. With RudyWade, it’s about the music: it’s founded in pure emotion, and is always improving.

trapped in a dream rudywade cover art
Trapped in a Dream (Spotify)
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Love is a Lie Album (Spotify)