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"Rockstar" - Young Piff

Young Piff truly is the human equivalent of a Monster Energy Drink. MASTR Productions first crossed paths with the young superstar in 2018 when one of Piff’s skit videos went ultra-viral. Since then, “That Kid” Young Piff has put more stake in to his rap career, and is specializing in the hardest, most aggressive rap he can invoke.

One of the things I admire most about Young Piff is his steadfastness towards what he believes. You literally cannot make this man believe in something he doesn’t already believe in. He lives his life fast and loose, but trusts no one. He almost exclusively hits MASTR Productions beats, despite being sent packs and packs of beats every week to sift through. Piff routinely drives 5-6 hours (or flies) to Boston to record at MASTR Productions, the studio of his choice, and I respect that. “Rockstar” wasn’t recorded at our studio, but at the time of writing this, we are finishing up an epic weekend of recording, with a half-dozen tracks in the bank, so stay tuned!

In “Rockstar”, Piff flexes on the things that make him who he is, and laughs at how others try to compare their struggles to his. “They be thinking that they trap hard, they ain’t never seen a full-blown fleet up in they backyard.”

Money, weed, high fashion, expensive cars, model girls, exclusive lifestyle – this is Young Piff in a nutshell. At some point, Piff might crash and burn, and what he has built might crumble to the ground. Until then, he will continue to provide with streets with pure, unrefined musical gas.

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