Music Promotion

You might be the most incredible artist in the world… but if you’re not promoting your music, who is really listening?

If you want your Spotify numbers to look like the ones on the right, you need to be marketing your music in a way that exposes you to new listeners, and gives people a chance to become a true fan!

With custom marketing strategies, we are able to get your music on exclusive (and massive) playlists! This is the best way to sneak your music into a new listener’s rotation.

We have network connections that allow us to place your music on relevant playlists for months. This isn’t a one-time thing. This is a monthly campaign strategy that will take your music exposure to a professional level, unlocking new possibilities in the music industry you never had access to before.

With a real fanbase, you’re a real artist. You can confidently tour, release music that gets plays and builds hype, and have artists paying you big bucks for features.

We are not one of these people looking to rip you off. We’re looking to provide you an opportunity to build yourself as an artist and a brand, and ultimately make more money than you invested with us in the first place. We want you to win.

I Am The Case Study!

I know that these strategies work because I use them on my own music! At the start of 2020, I decided to start taking my music a little more seriously, and started marketing myself appropriately.


I put a TON of time into collecting information about playlisters, manually farming and contacting the right people, etc. Basically, I’m doing all the work that you don’t feel like doing. This is the same type of networks that labels use to promote their artists and get the ball rolling for releases.

One of the best parts about playlisting like this is that you can double-dip. By that, I mean that your playlist budget also brings the opportunity of getting you paid features, live shows, radio interviews, and more, simply based on the social proof of you having a considerable fanbase.

A perfect example of this automatic synergy you gain is this: your music is going to be heard by a few important people, regardless of which playlists or genres you’re in. One of those people is Jon, our lead engineer at MASTR Productions. He will be able to tell you WHY your music isn’t getting plays, if there are technical faults in your track, or of course, if it’s PERFECT the way it is!

He may just play your track for other artists at the MASTR Studio between sessions, and they may want to purchase a feature from you!

What I’m getting at is we’re genuine people. We want you to become part of our network and join in our success.


We Are Serious About Playlists

Our results are fast.

We will have your music on playlists in a matter of days, and you’ll be able to enjoy watching your Spotify numbers SKYROCKET.

Of course, your fans won’t be limited to Spotify listeners.

We love to use Spotify as a metric because they’re great with sharing data and numbers as far as streaming and new listeners go. This makes it easy to see the return on investment for certain playlists. It’s also a great flex when your Spotify Monthly Listeners shoots up from hundreds to tens of thousands.

If you’re ready to start racking in some new fans, and get your streaming revenue flowing, we are too. Fill out the contact form below, or reach out with the information provided.

Choose a Package

We will work with all kinds of budgets! If you’re new to playlisting, we have packages for that. If you’re ready to invest in yourself, we’ve got the perfect options for you

$15 Playlist - 5k-Like Playlist (One Month)


$25 Playlist - 5k-Like Playlist (Permanent)


$40 Playlist - 15k-Like Playlist (One Month)


$150 Playlist Package - 7-10k Average Plays


$200 Playlist Package - 15-18k Average Plays


$400 Playlist Package - 30-40k Average Plays


Contact Information:

When you place an order through our site, we will send you an email. This email will contain a link for you to follow to submit your track info and contact information. If you can’t find the link, Click Here instead!

Once we have received the song link and the payment has finished processing, we will start the process of getting your song on playlists. This can take up to 72 hours to be live. We will contact you through email, Instagram, or text to confirm with you that the song is live.

If you have any problems ordering through our site, or just need to reach out for whatever reason, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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