rudywade and stellar posing with the model on set for the moving on music video in california
Hey music lovers! Today, we’re diving deep into the story behind the creation and release of the fantastic track, “Moving On (with Stellar).” Get ready for a behind-the-scenes journey into the musical collaboration of RudyWade and Stellar. It all began when RudyWade stumbled upon a social media gem – a video of Stellar singing one of his unreleased tracks. Captivated by the sound, Rudy reached out, sparking a virtual conversation that led to the creation
rudywade holding a purple fireball for his Trapped in a Dream music video
Check out the cool backstory behind RudyWade’s hit track, “Trapped in a Dream”. Rudy crafted this gem right from the comfort of his home studio at the time in Rancho Cucamonga, California. The magic all began when Canadian producer DutchRevz sent Rudy the instrumental via iMessage. Instantly hooked, Rudy delved into crafting melodies and lyrics. The beat, titled “Wake Up,” inspired Rudy to explore the theme of being Trapped in a Dream. After an hour
RudyWade, the rising star in the realm of alternative pop, unveiled his debut album, “Love is a Lie,” in August, showcasing a captivating fusion of musical genres such as Alternative Pop, Indie Pop, Hyperpop, and a touch of 80s Pop across its 7 tracks. In the spotlight for this blog post is the album’s title track, “Love is a Lie.” The creation of “Love is a Lie” traces back to December 1st, 2021, at Team
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Welcome back to, your go-to resource for professional audio production insights! Today, we delve deep into the art of crafting the best way to record vocals, exploring a vocal chain that has garnered acclaim across the Boston studio scene and beyond. Join us as we unravel the magic of combining the Neve 5052, Purple MC77, and Tube-Tech CL1b to elevate your vocal recording quality to new heights. Neve 5052 Preamp: The Foundation of Clarity