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"Nomad" - E Moreland

Sometimes you know right off the bat if someone’s “got it” or not. It’s virtually unanimous with everyone in the MASTR Productions community that E Moreland has some of the best raw talent around.

E Moreland’s natural proclivity towards catchy melodies, his beat selection, and his understanding of rhythm and flow puts him immediately in the spotlight. Rudy and I have seen E Moreland catch fire in the past few months, and we have seen the strategy and mindset in the young artist develop rapidly.

“Demons” is a great representation of E Moreland’s musical style, and without leaking too much information about future releases, I can safely say that if you enjoy “Demons”, you’ll absolutely love what’s to come. This is the first Xandros production I had come across, and I found it to be quite fitting with the song and the style. Great work, all around on the visuals.

I saw E Moreland become truly serious about music when he started consistently coming to his sessions with completed tracks. I’m not just talking about having the words written. I’m talking about every flow, every word, everywhere he might need to cut in, or double: it’s all thought out ahead of time. It’s safe to say that E Moreland is one of the best up and coming artists in Boston to keep your eyes on.

Instagram: @eazyemoreland

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