Music 101

Sep 26, 2020 by Tyler Encalada - 0 Comments
The Basics
The art of rapping is going to take you years or for some only days to get the hang of. I’ve been rapping/singing for about a year now and I’ve found many ways to help me improve my rapping and singing skills. To rap you got to think outside the box, be unique with your flow, change up the rhythm, be creative with your music and dig deep. Singing is a whole other ball game, hitting high High to low back to high back to low takes times. Most people who can sing have been blessed with talent, but even if you don’t have prior talent there’s always ways to get better and improve your skills. Making rap or singing songs or even both to start, is hard but can be achieved with your hard work and the help from friends who have heard you rehearsing or freestyling or when at the studio, help from the producer.
General Advice 
to me to help you rap and sing better  listen to songs by successful artist  and feel out the song. What do I mean by that ? Rap/sing along to the beat word for word if you don’t know the lyrics they are on YouTube and other places on the internet. Once you start going along with the lyrics to the beat think about how you feel and what he/she is saying. Once you have an idea use the same emotion you are hearing and go along and try to match the tempo, flow, rhythm and pitch of the song. After a while of understanding what these artists are saying in there music go find an artist that you like and simply type in “the rappers name type beat”
For example I like “lil skies type beats” and you can do this on almost any music app but YouTube is suggested. Once you found a beat try and think about the temp your favorite artist has and try and match it at first and after matching there’s try your own. If you don’t have any lyrics to try of your own try humming how you would want it to be to get everything but the lyrics of your song down and take the process step by step.
Other Helpful Info
Another helpful strategy I use to get better at rapping and singing is to find who really inspires me to rap, we all have someone who we look up to and want to be like etc.. From watching videos and read articles on how the process of getting rich was for them. All of these big name rappers came from a different background and a lot of there stories really say something about there music so look for different rappers and you’ll see. To me there’s a lot of motivation in seeing all these rappers who came from basically nothing just like a lot of people. I know it gives everybody faith that they too can make it big and put on for their city like we all want.

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