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"Miss Me" - Yung Pleit (ft. Kdubzz)

Yung Pleit and Kdubzz have been making music in a similar scene for a while now, so it was only a matter of time until the two melodic forces collided. For this project, Pleit made the beat, and brought it to MASTR Productions to make sure the track came out exactly how he needed to. The model we’re working with right now as a team is making and mixing as much of the music in-house as possible! If we’re able to show that we can really do this on our own as a team already, it’s going to be that much easier for someone to want to collaborate and be a part of the process. The vibe we’re on is blowing up as a team.

As usual, One of a Kind Visuals delivered a cinematic experience that captures the vibe of the song in crystal-clear 4k resolution, and Yung Pleit actually took it upon himself to take the transitions to the next level. As Pleit and Kdubzz develop as artists, they get more creative with their flow deliveries.

I love what Pleit has been doing recently as far as switching up the language that he does songs in. It seems like he’s doing a few Spanish tracks exclusively for his solo tracks, but maximizing his audience accessibility.

I see a lot of potential in both Yung Pleit and KDubzz, and I’m looking forward to their future drops. I personally know of a few collabs that we’ve done in the studio that will get some serious buzz in our area just based on the fanbases of the collabs themselves. Stay tuned!

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