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"Let Me Down" - RudyWade

Allow me to introduce you to one of the most versatile artists on the North Shore of Boston. Some of you might know him as the tracking engineer at MASTR Productions! RudyWade just dropped his new single, “Let Me Down” on all platforms, but more importantly, this music drop comes with a music video!

One of a Kind Visuals has done it again with a beautiful retro-style cinematic masterpiece. He even uses a square(ish) aspect ration in order to further capture the style, which I think was a really nice touch. I enjoyed how the scenes transition on-beat, and all the different scenes were color-graded in a way that really captured each scene’s essence. This guy truly kills every video he touches, and we’re ever-grateful for his skills.

“Let Me Down” is a track vaguely reminiscent of The Weeknd, with a catchy hook, and impressive vocal range. I’ve even heard rumor there’s a remix in the works…

I gained massive respect for RudyWade when he uprooted his life in New Jersey at the end of 2020 and decided to go all-in on his music career. I’ve seen him develop as both an artist and as a human being, and I’ve seen the potential in Rudy continually grow. He is focused, and one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met.

Be sure to give Rudy a follow on his socials! At the time of writing this article, Rudy is just about to hit 10k followers on Instagram! He’s been known to do giveaways, sneak peek music, and is great with showing his fans what he’s up to!

*Edit: 10k followers has been reached – Congrats, buddy! 

Instagram: @rudywademusic

Spotify: RudyWade

YouTube: MASTR Flix

Apple Music: RudyWade