They say you don’t come back the way you went in.

Johnny Nash is a product of his environment. Growing up in his neighborhood located in Lynn, MA, Nash was surrounded by a lifestyle that a lot of people can’t relate to. Gangs, drugs, weapons. Tough times created a strong artist who, in the face of despair, only grows stronger. Johnny considers himself a lone soldier, and has since the age of 14.


“What I was going through mentally growing up made me who I am today. Basketball almost saved me, but school couldn’t”.


Nash lost his mother and his grandmother about a month apart, he was deeply affected by the resulting mental repercussions of such trauma. Despite any setbacks, Johnny Nash is one of the hardest working, and most consistent artists we have seen on the North Shore of Boston. The music is consistently entertaining, creative, and professional sounding. And it comes straight from the heart. The things Johnny puts in his songs are events he’s actually lived.

Johnny takes influence from 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, and of course Future and G Herbo. In the near future, Nash looks forward to working with a few labels, and eventually starting his own label. His main priorities are taking care of his family, the people around him who have struggled with him, and to continually make music.

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Instagram: @johnny_nashhh