Lynn, Lynn, the City of Sin...

They say you never come out the way you came in. Kinda of like the old saying, once you go Chew, you never.. go..  um… I don’t know.


Chew, aka Chewyizthatu aka Chewbear aka Chwknw aka Chewknowthis is a beatmaker, recording engineer, and record producer out of Lynn, Massachusetts.


Chew has been creating beats in Fruity Loops for 4 years. A daily regimen of hard work, tireless curiosity, and Kane’s Donuts has made Chewknow one of the Boston-area’s music scene’s up-and-coming producers. When it comes to “hearing the music” and problem solving logically, the kid’s a beast.


Chewy finds himself making beats in the style of Future, Southside, Chuck English, Mack Miller, Wondagurl, Kenny Beats, and Lil Uzi Vert. Some of his favorite VSTs when it comes to production are Sitrus, Purity, Fruity Fast Distortion, and of course Gross Beat!


Chewknow joined the MASTR Squad in the winter of 2019.