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“Messages” – 4onzii

"Messages" - 4onzii

I can confidently say that my friend, 4onzii, is one of the most creative individuals I have ever come across. His vocals are… always compelling, to say the least. “Messages” is a prime example of his creativity, and once again, One of a Kind Visuals absolutely nails the video production.

4onzii’s lyrics hit smooth as butter, rich with thematic embodiments of his inner monologue, creatively wrapped in a poetic, eerie, atmospheric aura. The temperature theme in his lyrics is expertly finessed, especially when you consider that most of 4onzii’s work is done freestyle in the studio.

“Tell me what can fix me because I feel like I’m broken. All the time that we had I feel like it was just stolen. I cannot pretend anymore that I am not just frozen, but I just gotta ride the wave away up on this ocean, and let it burn away.”

4onzii is most active on IG and YouTube. I highly recommend you follow 4onzii on both platforms so you can be a part of his entire story. His visuals truly are next-level movie-quality productions.

Instagram: @4onzii

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Apple Music: 4onzii


“Legacy” – Johnny Nash

"Legacy" - Johnny Nash

What’s the difference between an artist and someone who recreationally makes music? It boils down to dedication to one’s own vision. Johnny Nash has been associated with MASTR Productions since 2019, and was part of the original group of people who supported the studio enough that their engineer Jon could ditch his “real” job and commit to the music just as wholeheartedly as the artists who worked at his studio.

Fast forward a few years later, and Johnny Nash has developed into a more confident artist, and his vision is all the more clearer. Johnny has been shooting videos and making music non-stop for the last few years, and it’s been a pleasure to work with him. Our videographer, One of a Kind Visuals, is truly a master behind his equipment, and the attention to detail and quality he puts into his videos is locally unmatched.

At the time of writing this, Johnny Nash has recorded over 325 songs at MASTR Productions. The dedication to his work and his legacy is what separates Johnny from the crowd. Where others beef over petty issues, Johnny Nash puts his head down and works. Where others give up, Johnny perseveres. If you listen to any of Johnny Nash’s songs, you’ll become hip to the daily struggles in his life, and how he deals with them on a personal basis.

Johnny is most active on IG. Be sure to drop a follow so you can join his in-studio lives, and be the first to hear about new music!

Instagram: @johnny_nashhh

Spotify: Johnny Nash

YouTube: Johnny Nash

Apple Music: Johnny Nash