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“Catastrophe” – RudyWade

"Catastrophe" - RudyWade

After the Miami… “experience”, this LA trip was infinitely better. Our Turo guy met us at the airport, picked us up in a brand new 2021 Dodge Challenger, and all the studios were 420 friendly. Nice.

When Rudy invited me to California to link up with Stellar, I immediately cleared up some room in my schedule, and booked our flights. I’ve known Stellar since 2019, when Rudy first made the link. Stellar was in the midst of his come-up from Ashes, an absolute Tik-Tok viral sensation, and it was clear to me that he had no plans of slowing down. 

Shortly after I met him, he shot a vertical video to Ashes using my back yard lake as part of the outro scene. Just seeing the process of how he was crafting his vision was super inspiring, and I saw exactly why he was blowing up. He had drive, and furthermore, a lust for perfection in every part of his vision.

When Rudy and I flew out to LA, we saw the same energy in every part of his operation, even when we were working independently with one of his videographers and friends, “Clutch” Cole. It could be the general vibe of productivity, the standard in Stellar’s crew, or it could be the LA vibes, but regardless, our whole team gained tons of motivation from just being in the LA / Stellar environment.

The trip was more than just a music trip – we strengthened crucial connections with people in various industries: music, video, modeling, fashion. We grew together as a team through our small adventure’s Ws and shortcomings. Above all, we had a successful video shoot, got tons of sun on the beaches of Malibu and Santa Monica, and made some timeless music in some cool Hollywood studios!

Check out the music video to Catastrophe by RudyWade below!

We flew back into Logan Airport with more confidence in the things we were doing, and a much clearer vision of how to take our team to new heights. The Boston area hip-hop scene has been growing rapidly in the last few years, but in my opinion, only a fraction of the talent that resides in the Boston area has yet to reach the surface. I know that in our studio, there are some artists that have upwards of 40-50 tracks fully recorded, mixed, and mastered, and they’re in the planning stages of rolling out the proper releases, and building their brand image to be what it needs to be to sustain a buzz.

If you’re a FIEND for RudyWade music, peep his socials below! He’s one of the most consistent and dedicated artists I’ve ever come across. You won’t regret following his journey.

Instagram: @rudywademusic

Spotify: RudyWade

YouTube: MASTR Flix

Apple Music: RudyWade


“Secret” – Ca$imir

"Secret" - CaSiMiR

CaSiMiR has been affiliated with MASTR Productions before I even knew I wanted to turn the studio operation into something so epic. I met him in my first little studio, on a night that I was taking some new clients and meeting a bunch of new people. The new clients ended up being either intoxicated, or in a flurry of some life events that made the studio session extremely awkward, but also hilariously entertaining.

“You don’t understand, he’s got bread, he can get us anything for the studio. Name it, whatever equipment, he’ll get it for us. Now can I tell the backstory?” This character would go in and out of the studio room, always on the phone frantically talking to an unknown person on the line about some dire-sounding circumstances.

We were in the middle of a studio session for one of this guy’s clients, and he was interrupting his own session to tell a long story about… God knows what. But it was intriguing, and there was promise of professional-level legendary equipment that would take our small operation to the next level.

Long story short, in a room full of strangers, somehow I knew that CaSiMiR (at the time, called “JustJovan”) was the most coherent, rational person. We eventually heard the story out, and just like anyone would expect, most of the promise of the story that was told ended up being fluff. Not all of it, actually everyone in that room is someone I still talk to this day. But over the years, that has proved to be one of the most hilarious, memorable nights in the studio.

CaSiMiR has proved to be one of the most creative artists in the area, not only with his music and beat selection, but also with his visuals! Genty Provisions has done it again with another motion picture masterpiece, this one involving an eerie story, and a decapitated Ca$imir head singing on the ground.

I know firsthand the bangers that CaSiMiR has in the vault. They’re all creative, professional and well thought-out. Not only are the lyrics unique and true-to-CaSiMiR, but the beats are also well-curated, and the performances on the mic are truly a window to his soul.

CaSiMiR is a perfectionist in the studio – if a take doesn’t sound the way it needs to, he’s not afraid to do it a hundred times until it’s exactly the way he wants. Rest assured that the content he chooses to drop is the vision he’s created.

One of the best ways to support local artists is to follow and engage on social media! Do yourself a solid and connect with the now-internet-famous CaSiMiR.

Instagram: @casimir_98

Spotify: CaSiMiR

YouTube: Casimir YT

Apple Music: CaSiMiR


“Soldier” – J Musa

"Soldier" - J Musa

J Musa has been a long time friend and client of mine, since the genesis of our ground-up studio. I remember back in the first spot we had, “The Saugus Spot” as it’s called nowadays, I was just getting started with recording people, and I had no client base. Young Zoe had put me on with a lot of the local rappers in Somerville, and most of them were aggressive rappers, or some blend of singing and rapping, a lot of them over hard trap beats. And then I met J Musa. And I had the hardest time mixing the vocals. No one in our small scene was delivering vocals like Musa, so it was tough for me to find a good pocket for the vocals in the mixes.

At the time, I was recording through a few different setups – either a Shure SM7B to a Cloudlifter into my Apollo Twin, or a Baby Bottle from Blue Microphones to an ART Vocal Channel Strip. And I wasn’t getting the results I wanted with certain artists. The hard trap vocals from the drill and aggressive rappers sounded pretty good through my setup at the time, but for singers and softer vocalists, it just wasn’t getting the job done. The Cloudlifter was introducing noise, even though the equipment boasts +25db of “silent gain”. The compressors weren’t smooth like I wanted them to be, even after investing a decent amount of money into a few different brands. To be frank, the wordplay and delivery finesse from Musa wasn’t there in 2018 like it is today, and that’s due to nothing else other than dedication to his craft, and persistence.

Fast forward to today. J Musa is one of our favorite local artists. His delivery is always well thought-out, the words always have some subtle double-meaning or personal significance, and the MASTR Productions studio and equipment have been vastly upgraded. We’re blessed to record on a legendary Telefunken U47, an ultra-low-noise tube mic, which is fed to our Neve Shelford 5052 for truly clean gain staging and subtle high passing. From there, the signal is smoothed out with our Purple MC77, as recommended by my friend Adam Leeds in Nashville. This fast-acting FET compressor is perfect for sitting basically any vocal. After that, a CL-1B adds just a touch of color, and does just the tiniest bit of compression at a low ratio. Then all that is fed back into the Neve pre-amp for some final EQ before being sent into the Apollo X8.

J Musa’s journey as an artist has been impressive so far, and I feel that he’s developed in a similar way to MASTR Productions as a business. At first, things weren’t perfect. But the raw talent was there and the passion for the craft was there. After a few years of consistent work and staying in the scene, the pieces are falling together, even through the tough times.

Lately, Musa even has the visuals on point. Both Shot by Tanj and Genty Provisions have recently shot very professional videos that match the songs’ vibes, and I’m anxiously awaiting to see what Musa drops next. Rudy and I have been watching Musa steadily grow his catalogue of unreleased music over the last year, and it’s all heat. Stay tuned!

Instagram: @ync.musa

Spotify: J Musa

YouTube: J Musa

Apple Music: J Musa


“Miss Me” – Yung Pleit (ft. Kdubzz)

"Miss Me" - Yung Pleit (ft. Kdubzz)

Yung Pleit and Kdubzz have been making music in a similar scene for a while now, so it was only a matter of time until the two melodic forces collided. For this project, Pleit made the beat, and brought it to MASTR Productions to make sure the track came out exactly how he needed to. The model we’re working with right now as a team is making and mixing as much of the music in-house as possible! If we’re able to show that we can really do this on our own as a team already, it’s going to be that much easier for someone to want to collaborate and be a part of the process. The vibe we’re on is blowing up as a team.

As usual, One of a Kind Visuals delivered a cinematic experience that captures the vibe of the song in crystal-clear 4k resolution, and Yung Pleit actually took it upon himself to take the transitions to the next level. As Pleit and Kdubzz develop as artists, they get more creative with their flow deliveries.

I love what Pleit has been doing recently as far as switching up the language that he does songs in. It seems like he’s doing a few Spanish tracks exclusively for his solo tracks, but maximizing his audience accessibility.

I see a lot of potential in both Yung Pleit and KDubzz, and I’m looking forward to their future drops. I personally know of a few collabs that we’ve done in the studio that will get some serious buzz in our area just based on the fanbases of the collabs themselves. Stay tuned!

Yung Pleit

Instagram: @oh.elmer

Spotify: Yung Pleit

YouTube: Yung Pleit

Apple Music: Yung Pleit


Instagram: @kdubzzworld

Spotify: KDubzz

YouTube: tba

Apple Music: KDubzz


“Rockstar” – Young Piff

"Rockstar" - Young Piff

Young Piff truly is the human equivalent of a Monster Energy Drink. MASTR Productions first crossed paths with the young superstar in 2018 when one of Piff’s skit videos went ultra-viral. Since then, “That Kid” Young Piff has put more stake in to his rap career, and is specializing in the hardest, most aggressive rap he can invoke.

One of the things I admire most about Young Piff is his steadfastness towards what he believes. You literally cannot make this man believe in something he doesn’t already believe in. He lives his life fast and loose, but trusts no one. He almost exclusively hits MASTR Productions beats, despite being sent packs and packs of beats every week to sift through. Piff routinely drives 5-6 hours (or flies) to Boston to record at MASTR Productions, the studio of his choice, and I respect that. “Rockstar” wasn’t recorded at our studio, but at the time of writing this, we are finishing up an epic weekend of recording, with a half-dozen tracks in the bank, so stay tuned!

In “Rockstar”, Piff flexes on the things that make him who he is, and laughs at how others try to compare their struggles to his. “They be thinking that they trap hard, they ain’t never seen a full-blown fleet up in they backyard.”

Money, weed, high fashion, expensive cars, model girls, exclusive lifestyle – this is Young Piff in a nutshell. At some point, Piff might crash and burn, and what he has built might crumble to the ground. Until then, he will continue to provide with streets with pure, unrefined musical gas.

Spotify: Young Piff

Apple Music: Young Piff