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"Catastrophe" - RudyWade

After the Miami… “experience”, this LA trip was infinitely better. Our Turo guy met us at the airport, picked us up in a brand new 2021 Dodge Challenger, and all the studios were 420 friendly. Nice.

When Rudy invited me to California to link up with Stellar, I immediately cleared up some room in my schedule, and booked our flights. I’ve known Stellar since 2019, when Rudy first made the link. Stellar was in the midst of his come-up from Ashes, an absolute Tik-Tok viral sensation, and it was clear to me that he had no plans of slowing down. 

Shortly after I met him, he shot a vertical video to Ashes using my back yard lake as part of the outro scene. Just seeing the process of how he was crafting his vision was super inspiring, and I saw exactly why he was blowing up. He had drive, and furthermore, a lust for perfection in every part of his vision.

When Rudy and I flew out to LA, we saw the same energy in every part of his operation, even when we were working independently with one of his videographers and friends, “Clutch” Cole. It could be the general vibe of productivity, the standard in Stellar’s crew, or it could be the LA vibes, but regardless, our whole team gained tons of motivation from just being in the LA / Stellar environment.

The trip was more than just a music trip – we strengthened crucial connections with people in various industries: music, video, modeling, fashion. We grew together as a team through our small adventure’s Ws and shortcomings. Above all, we had a successful video shoot, got tons of sun on the beaches of Malibu and Santa Monica, and made some timeless music in some cool Hollywood studios!

Check out the music video to Catastrophe by RudyWade below!

We flew back into Logan Airport with more confidence in the things we were doing, and a much clearer vision of how to take our team to new heights. The Boston area hip-hop scene has been growing rapidly in the last few years, but in my opinion, only a fraction of the talent that resides in the Boston area has yet to reach the surface. I know that in our studio, there are some artists that have upwards of 40-50 tracks fully recorded, mixed, and mastered, and they’re in the planning stages of rolling out the proper releases, and building their brand image to be what it needs to be to sustain a buzz.

If you’re a FIEND for RudyWade music, peep his socials below! He’s one of the most consistent and dedicated artists I’ve ever come across. You won’t regret following his journey.

Instagram: @rudywademusic

Spotify: RudyWade

YouTube: MASTR Flix

Apple Music: RudyWade