Our Mission

Our mission is clear-cut: Make the most music, at the highest quality, with the most amount of people, in the most comfortable environment.

This roadmap has served as the pillars of our group success since 2018. By building a team of likeminded individuals, MASTR Productions has evolved from a bedroom studio into a professional multimedia company.

Pro Gear

We specialize in providing top-tier industry quality audio recording!

How do we do that? We first started by recording, mixing and mastering upwards of 1,500 songs per year to create a custom recording template that maximizes performance speed in the studio.

After locking down the software part of things, we started investing in high-quality industry gear. We’re talking about some of the best and most sought-after microphones and compressors in the entire world, and we’re blessed to have them.

Finally, to tie it all together, we have partnered with Team Studios to provide a more professional and social environment.

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