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When it comes to vocals, even some singers and rappers don’t know what to do with their own takes. Through years of recording artists, the best method I’ve ever come across for recording and arranging vocals was inherited from Epic Nation the Label’s Juggman Shizzy @entlceo_juggman and it goes a little something like this: Take 1: “Preliminary Take” – Obviously try to get a good take, but this first take is more for structure than anything
The Basics The art of rapping is going to take you years or for some only days to get the hang of. My name is Ty, I go by the artist name of Twhyy. This is my first article I’ve written for MASTR Productions. I’ll be touching base with you guys to share my journey as I learn and develop as an artist. I’ve been rapping/singing for about a year now and I’ve been making
You may not be privy to this (especially if you’re primarily a beat-maker), but the vocals are arguably the most important part of your track. Of course melodies and groovy drum rhythms can get stuck in your head, but it’s the words, emotions, and melodies that come from the vocalist that are really ear-bug worthy. That’s why in this blog post, I’m going to be sharing with you a standard vocal chain I’ve been using
We all love the feeling of bass – in the car, in a nice pair of headphones, in the club… It’s one of the most essential elements of hip-hop. It’s easy to fall to the trap of too much bass! If you’re not mixing on familiar speakers and not referencing mixes, it can be easy to lose track of where your levels should be, but here are 5 fail-safe rules to live by when mixing
Someone asked me the other day what I would tell beginner beat makers to help them sound more experienced from the beginning. I wanted to take that a step further, and drop 5 PRODUCTION GODSENDS- Use good samples – I can’t stress this enough. Find some good samples online, whether from a free source, or from a producer who mixes drums the way you like, and start there. Yes, you should be able to polish