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"Secret" - CaSiMiR CaSiMiR has been affiliated with MASTR Productions before I even knew I wanted to turn the studio operation into something so epic. I met him in my first little studio, on a night that I was taking some new clients and meeting a bunch of new people. The new clients ended up being either intoxicated, or in a flurry of some life events that made the studio session extremely awkward, but also
"Soldier" - J Musa J Musa has been a long time friend and client of mine, since the genesis of our ground-up studio. I remember back in the first spot we had, “The Saugus Spot” as it’s called nowadays, I was just getting started with recording people, and I had no client base. Young Zoe had put me on with a lot of the local rappers in Somerville, and most of them were aggressive rappers, or
"Rockstar" - Young Piff Young Piff truly is the human equivalent of a Monster Energy Drink. MASTR Productions first crossed paths with the young superstar in 2018 when one of Piff’s skit videos went ultra-viral. Since then, “That Kid” Young Piff has put more stake in to his rap career, and is specializing in the hardest, most aggressive rap he can invoke.One of the things I admire most about Young Piff is his steadfastness towards
"Nomad" - E Moreland Sometimes you know right off the bat if someone’s “got it” or not. It’s virtually unanimous with everyone in the MASTR Productions community that E Moreland has some of the best raw talent around.E Moreland’s natural proclivity towards catchy melodies, his beat selection, and his understanding of rhythm and flow puts him immediately in the spotlight. Rudy and I have seen E Moreland catch fire in the past few months, and
"Let Me Down" - RudyWade Allow me to introduce you to one of the most versatile artists on the North Shore of Boston. Some of you might know him as the tracking engineer at MASTR Productions! RudyWade just dropped his new single, “Let Me Down” on all platforms, but more importantly, this music drop comes with a music video!One of a Kind Visuals has done it again with a beautiful retro-style cinematic masterpiece. He even

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