Affiliation Agreement

To register as an affiliate, you must be passionate about music and self-improvement.

We review all our submissions personally and choose who we would like to represent our brand. This may take a couple of days, we appreciate your patience.


Commissions and Payouts

We want you to make money! You’ll earn 20% commission on all digital products (non-merchandise) from the MASTR Store that are referred by your given personal link. That means if someone buys Secrets of the DAW within 10 days of recently clicking your link, you’ll get $6. But wait there’s more!

We want you to KEEP earning money! For every $50 in sales, we’re going to bump you up to a higher commission (up to 50%).

  • $50 in sales (2 books) – You have proven that your sales abilities! We will give you 30% commission on all digital sales.
  • $100 in sales (3 books, 2 drum kits) – Ok you’re on a roll! Enjoy a 40% commission on digital sales!
  • $150 in sales (5 books) – You’re a savage, and you’ve earned this 50% commission!

Referrals cannot be generated using your own purchases. Referral payouts will be monthly, and have a minimum payout balance of $50.00.

Referral Cookie Lifetime

When a potential customer clicks on your referral link, a cookie is stored in their browser to track your referral. The cookie is then stored for 21 days to give your referred customers time to decide if they wish to purchase something based on your referral, or ask us any pre-sale questions they may have.

A referral won’t be awarded if:

  • The customer uses a different browser to purchase than the one they originally used to visit our site (because the cookie does not exist in that browser)
  • The customer purchases after 21 days (because the cookie will expire).

Affiliate Application Rejection

We reserve the right to reject affiliate applications for any reason. We also reserve the right to choose whether we provide an explanation or reasoning for affiliate application rejection. Below are just a few reasons why an application may be rejected:

  • Affiliate applications for websites that sell, advertise or engage in pornography, phishing scams, spamming, illegal business practices, or that include any material infringing on National or International Copyright will be rejected.
  • Affiliate applications for websites that we do not believe are aligned with our industry or business may be rejected.
  • Affiliate applicants with websites that re-sell any of our products will be rejected.
  • Websites considered inappropriate by MASTR Productions will be rejected.

Sales Opportunities

How you promote the MASTR products is reflected in the commission you earn! We encourage the use of promotional methods that add value to MASTR and bring us loyal customers. We love it when our team of affiliates blog about music and mention MASTR.

Here are a few examples of awesome promotional methods to earn more commission:

  • Tell clients, customers or friends about MASTR, and give them your affiliate referral link
  • Write a review or a blog post about music production techniques, and link to our site with your referral link
  • Tweet about us on Twitter with your affiliate referral link, post about us on Facebook with your affiliate link, or communicate to your Linkedin followers about affiliate marketing with your affiliate link.
  • Post an Instagram story or post, and use your bio link as the referral link! Alternatively, Google “Link Tree” and set up multiple links.
  • Spam-free promotion is a great way to get more referrals!
  • Provide value to others in forums by answering related questions on other sites with helpful responses, and using your referral link in your replies.

Sales No-Nos

  • Do not spam your link. Do not pay for a robot or program to post your link online.
  • Please do not associate yourself with an employee of MASTR. You are a business affiliate.
  • Cloning our site, copying the site, or pretending that the site is yours is completely prohibited and will result in loss of your affiliate status, all earned revenue, and possible legal action.
  • Do not make false promises or false advertisement.


By accepting these terms and conditions you are providing your agreement to abide by them. By registering and being approved as an affiliate in our affiliate program you agree that your commissions are subject to approval before they are accepted and subsequently paid.

The affiliate relationship does not represent a professional or formal agreement, and as an affiliate you are not an employee of MASTR. You agree that this is not a legally binding relationship and as a result may not take legal action against MASTR. These affiliate terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Thanks for supporting MASTR Productions, and thanks for reading this long document.