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For a creative, making money from your passion can be a tough challenge to overcome. I offer you this opportunity to join my team, earn money from music and share our networks. Here’s what you’ll get, for free, by joining the team:

  • All MASTR affiliates receive a copy of Secrets Of The DAW for 80% Off!
  • All MASTR affiliates start at a 20% commission rate and can make their way up to 50% after just $150 of sales (that's only 5 copies of Secrets Of The DAW).
  • All MASTR affiliates receive the Welcome Aboard Producer Kit which includes 2 of my favorite drum kits.
  • You will be shouted out on the Instagram which is quickly approaching 4,000 followers.

So, what do you say?

Want a bunch of free goodies, a chance to make a ton of money while helping individuals realize their dreams?

See you on the other side, my friend.

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